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Welcome to UsFleet360

Empowering your transportation needs and earning with diligent truck dispatch services.

The Usfleet360 offers complete dispatch services in very effective Pricing in which we are offering booking load making a profitable route plan, completing the documentation, and maintaining the broker relationship to manage the fleets of your trucks effectively.

UsFleet360 Dispatch Services

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What We Offer?

Dry Van

Owner-operators who are looking for a dispatcher to manage their dry van trailer are on the right page and some key points are highlighted below

  • Most preference areas -Midwest, southeast                 Northeast Midway South East *

  •  Transport industry 70% of freight is dry freight.

  • Top-rated equipment for the market

  • Read my new website copyright issue

  • For the newcomer, a dry van is the best option to enter this industry


Owner-operators who are looking for a dispatcher to manage their Flatbed trailer are on the right page and some key points are highlighted below

  • Most preference areas -Midwest, southeast Northeast Center south and West side as well 

  • An experienced driver is needed to run this equipment.

  • It’s a very demandable equipment in this market 

  • Make extra profit through the oversize load.


Owner-operators who are looking for a Dispatcher to manage their Reefer trailer operations smoothly are on the right pages some key points are highlighted below 

  • Most preferable areas- Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Central.

  • Reefer is necessary for Perishable Commodity.

  • It protects the commodity better than a Dry van.

  • It second most common equipment in the industry.

Step Deck

Owner-operators who are looking for a dispatcher to manage their step-deck/ RGN trailer are on the right page and some key points are highlighted below

  • Most preference areas -Midwest, southeast Northeast Center South.

  • Step deck and RGN are designed to haul higher commodities.

  • experienced drivers need to run these trailers.

  • Oversize shipments are very common for this trailer.

Why UsFleet360?

8. Advance Technology.
9. Nationwide coverage
10. Efficient communication
11. Documentation Team

12. Dedicated Support.    


1. Effective pricing 
2. Relationship with the brokers.

3. Ensure safety and compliance.
4. Profitability (break-even)
5. Quick Response.
6. Experienced dispatchers

7. Using different load boards.

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Call us today, get loaded & be profitable now


Getting Started with UsFleet360

Our Truck Dispatch Services setup packet is simple. Once you’re ready to start working with us, we will forward you a link to a carrier application to get started. Once we have all the paperwork, you’ll be introduced to your personal dispatcher and start work immediately. 


We offer the best dispatch services.

Route Planning

Our dispatch team will plan the best optimised routes for you

Paper Work

You do not need to worry about the paper work again.


  • Signed Truck Dispatch Service Agreement

  • Factoring Information (if any)

  • General Power Of Attorney (allows us to contact brokers on your behalf)

  • ✔Copy Of Your MC Authority Letter

  • ✔Copy Of The Insurance Certificate

  • ✔Driver’s Contact Info

  • ✔Copy Of W-9 Form

truck driver casual clothes standing by his truck with arms crossed truck

"Working with UsFleet360 has been a game-changer for our logistics operations. Their dispatch service is not just efficient; it's a lifesaver. We've seen a significant reduction in delays, improved communication, and better cost management since partnering with them. I can recommend UsFleet360 enough for anyone in the trucking industry."

John Smith

"As an owner-operator, my time is incredibly valuable, and UsFleet360 understands that. They've consistently provided me with well-planned routes and prompt dispatching. Their team's dedication to ensuring I stay on schedule and maximize my earnings is truly impressive. UsFleet360 is the backbone of my success on the road."

Sarah Johnson

"Reliability and trust are paramount in the freight brokerage business, and UsFleet360 delivers on both fronts. Their dispatch service is a critical part of our supply chain management strategy. They've never let us down, always finding the right trucks for our shipments, even on short notice. UsFleet360 is a partner we can count on."

Michael Adams

Our company specializes in load acquisition through extensive searches on various load boards and strong relationships with brokers and shippers. We actively source suitable loads from multiple platforms, providing a wide range of options. By nurturing partnerships, we understand specific requirements and negotiate favorable rates. Our professional service efficiently matches loads with carriers, benefiting both parties in the logistics industry.

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The relationship is very important in today’s market because most of the leading broker prefer to give their high-value load to those carriers who have worked before with them and provides quality services, grabbing the trust of the broker.

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  • #1 – Truck Dispatch Services is more than just finding freight loads
    It’s obvious that truck dispatcher finds loads for carriers, but they also offer other services that can benefit your operation as a whole. Motor Carrier Compliance: Our truck dispatchers will ensure that you maintain proper motor carrier compliance so that you can stay out of trouble and continue earning a living. Customer Care: Our dispatchers will not only help find high paying loads, we will also help you manage relationships with shippers, establish service expectations with brokers and tackle any complex issues that may arise. Manage Unexpected Delays: As a truck dispatch company, we are responsible in helping you address unexpected delays caused by weather, traffic and other issues while you’re on the road. Dispatch services have incentives to ensure that the entire process from load booking, to negotiating, and transporting goes as smooth.
  • #2 – Outsourcing Dispatching Services Saves Time
    As an owner operator, you may start out booking loads yourself using load boards. This may work well for a while, but once you start accepting loads, you won’t have enough time to spend on load boards. You’re also missing out on opportunities to make more money on higher-paying loads. That’s where a dispatching company can help. Our dispatcher will give you more time to focus on working on your business and less time searching for loads. The main cause of failure for most beginner owner-operators is due to lack of finding consistent loads to keep their business moving. Time is money.
  • #3 – Truck Dispatchers Work For You
    As truck dispatchers providing freight dispatching services, we take a percentage of your rate. This gives us the incentive to negotiate high rates on your behalf. The more money you make, the more money we make.

Outsourcing UsFleet360 offer many benefits to owner-operators in addition to finding high-paying loads.

Significance of Hiring a Truck Dispatcher.

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Our Service Locations 

We are available at Two different locations to serve with our quality Dispatch Services at very Effective Pricing.

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